The Ute!

So on the 15th August we welcomed the newest member of our family, Toyota Hilux, 2018, SR5, graphite grey. Now I have 3 babies and I’m really not sure which one I love the most 😉 My eldest quickly christened her Luxy, I can live with that. I did all the mods in the following order: Seat Covers and Scotchguard on the rest of the … Continue reading The Ute!


I knew we’d be towing, given the amount of stuff our family of 4 takes with us when we’re going to the beach for a day, let alone a year. I’m not going to get into GCM, ATM, GVM towball weights etc. here as there’s plenty of info out there but will say, if you dont know about it yet, get across it. Advertised towing … Continue reading Towing

Bluestone Bay

Grasping at the invitation of our lovely Freycinet neighbours to show us a small bay off the more beaten track in Freycinet National Park we set off in convoy, with blue skies and high hopes. Following the road up to the Cape Tourville Lighthouse there is an un-signposted left hand turnoff approximately 2 mins drive before the lighthouse carpark. Ambitiously turning the car to 4WD, … Continue reading Bluestone Bay